24 April 2015

Shower for Baby Poelzer

Alicia and I had the privilege of putting on a baby shower for Steve and Sorrell just this past weekend.  It was so much fun to plan this shower for her and their little boy!  Despite being less than crafty, I think Alicia and I did a pretty good job!!!  Here are just a few pictures from the shower!

Sally's front door sporting a blue "P" burlap wreath!!!

We went with a grey and white chevron theme and added in touches of color here and there!
I don't know if you can see them well or not, but Alicia made the awesome balls hanging from the windows!

Flowers in a mason jar...

Gifts for each of our guests - foam blue soap scented "Sea Island" just for Sorrell


Mike's admin assistant Tracey Poindexter's daughter Melanie made this for Steve and Sorrell!

Elephant cookies made by myself - once again, Tracey held my hand on this one!

We asked for our guests to bring books instead of cards to start this little guy's library early!

Four Poelzer women!

Family and friends

Waiting to shower Sorrell and baby boy with gifts!

First gift for this little guy was from Grandpa Poelzer 
~ fitting since Momma is a Georgia Bulldog through and through ~

We love you Steve and Sorrell and it was an absolute honor to shower you and your little boy!

Awana Grand Prix

This was the first year that our boys participated in the Awana Grand Prix.  Making derby cars isn't exactly a strong gift in this house.  I won't lie...Mike and I prayed that the cars would just cross the finish line.  Once again, please excuse the blurry pictures.  I hadn't had a chance to switch the card back to the other camera from Mike's trip to Georgia.

The boys waiting for their race to start

Andrew waiting for his first race to begin!

Hooray...we crossed the finish line and he finished first in this particular race!

Jackson putting his car on the track for his first race

Anxiously waiting!

Hooray!  It finished and he came in first in this particular race as well!

Jackson's car...and yes, they did everything for their cars!  We are mean like that!

Andrew's car!

Our neighbor Ian comes with us to Awana each week and he raced as well!  All done with the Grand Prix!

Fun with Grandparents

It was super fun to have my parents here for a few days around Easter!  Mike was in Georgia for The Master's and the kids were on spring break....so my parents came to play for a few days!  We played a lot...inside since it was crummy most of the days they were here...but we did have a bit of time outside to play as well.  Please ignore the blur on these pictures...Mike took our good camera to Augusta.  Can't say that I blame him!

Grandpa and the kids prepping a hole that needed filled with concrete

It was a tad deep and so we filled it with gravel first...

Aubrey and Grandma doing side walk chalk

Adeline tried to help as well...

These two are like two peas in a pod....I suppose there is a reason Andrew James was named after my father huh?!?!

Aubrey did Grandma's hair...isn't it lovely!!

Adeline got her hair done as well!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the Mike Poelzer Family - 2015

Aubrey Marie - 4.5 years old

Andrew James - 6.75 years old

Jackson Thomas - 8.5 years old

Our four blessings

Adeline Ann - 1.5 years old

Grandpa and Grandma Mohler with our crew

The whole family

Our awesome circus!!!

It's A.......Gender Reveal!

On Saturday, April 4, 2015, we had the privilege of attending our very first gender reveal party!  We were beyond excited to see what Steve and Sorrell were going to be having....and see what a gender reveal party was all about!  It was super fun to be with family!  We had a blast meeting new friends that love Steve and Sorrell - and it was a privilege to take just a few pictures of their special evening!  Here are some of my favorites!

There are a lot of dimples and sweet smiles in this picture
Left to Right - Lani Harper, Mike Poelzer, Eunice Courtney, 
Steve Poelzer, Sally Poelzer, Sorrell Scaglione-Poelzer

Aubrey and Aunt Sorrell

Loved these beautiful flowers!

Mike had the privilege of praying for Steve and Sorrell just before the reveal

A tad nervous...

It's a....


Lots of hugs and a few tears as well for the new parents

Grandparents with Daddy and Mommy
Left to Right:  Tom and Sally Poelzer
Steve and Sorrell
Rodney and Suzanne Scaglione

Love them...

Our family can't wait to meet you little boy!

Easter Eggs and Baskets

My children love a good Easter egg hunt and basket hunt - and my parents provide that for them each year!  They started this tradition when the boys were younger and it has been requested every year since by my children.  My parents hide Easter eggs in four colors for my kids and they have to find them.  They also enjoy hiding their Easter baskets as well - it was warm enough to hid them outside......and so we had the hunt outside!  Here are a few pictures...

Aubrey found her first egg

Jackson found his first one

Andrew found his first egg

They found their baskets as well!

Each child had a special egg this year....

and it contained $5.00 to take with them to the ocean!

Adeline slept through the egg hunt, but she was content to just sit and look at her basket after her nap!